The Professional Records Standards Body have become an essential component of the digital health landscape in the UK. By bringing together voices from across professional organisations - from the medical Royal Colleges and beyond - the work of the PRSB is essential to gain a shared understanding of the constituents and whole of the electronic patient record or EHR. Without this shared understanding, wider interoperability projects with all the benefits they bring are considerably harder.

Clinical records standards = interoperability

Plan A provided expert clinical leadership in consulting on and development of the mental health component of the Digital Care and Support Plan. Working cross sector with a wide range of stakeholders - from GPs to users of different mental health services - the PRSB methodology helped uncover the best definition for this standard to be taken forward for development of a wide range of digital solutions to provide the best, most appropriate and timely care for people in need of mental health and other health and social care services in the NHS and beyond.

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