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Plan A understand mental health is a concern. Luckily we are experts in mental health and offer these services direct to clients addressing this shortfall. We help business get back 'better than before'.

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Not sure which way is up? Use our expert mental health assessment service.

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We provide confidential online advice, counselling and psychotherapy services.

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We provide expert traing to staff enabling and supporting your own mental health capability.

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About us

Does your company face issues related to employee mental health, sickness, trauma or related matters? Just Mental Health from Plan A are here to help you.

Positive mental health can help reduce sickness, improve employee engagement and can lead to better performance, motivation and enhanced safety at work.

Flexible delivery
We offer multiple ways to access our services meaning your employees gain maximum benefit with minimal intrusion or inconvenience.

Our services are available online, in person, by phone or by email. We can tailor our services to meet your precise needs.

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Find out more about what we offer on these pages or contact us direct for a chat about the services we provide and how we can help you.

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